• 30-second montage
  • TV narration
  • Commercial
  • Stories/Character

    TV documentary on Gerry Adams (Below the Radar)
    Nobel Peace Prize 2011 Official Documentary Women of Peace (Blakeway)
    Translink TV advert
    Corporate film for Glenigan
    Narration of 'The Owl and the Pussycat' with the Kensington Chamber Orchestra

Radio Features

Piece for Radio 4's iPM about the use of religious music at civil weddings (8 mins)

Piece for Radio 4's Saturday Live about living with no sense of smell (7 mins)

Interview with Scott Mills and Emlyn Dodd about 'Scott Mills the Musical' at Edinburgh '09
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  • Some impromptu ukulele-playing on the Today Programme on Radio 4
  • Interview for Agenda NI magazine
  • Feature in the Daily Telegraph about my musical But First This
  • Article about my Sat-Nav voice
  • Lady Gaga v. PR4L on Radio 1
  • PR4L does Lady Marmalade at Edinburgh 2012
  • Review of Eddie Izzard's French stand-up published in the Independent
  • Radio 4 blog post on the perils of early shifts
  • Radio 4 blog post on the Slanket of Con